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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

OK, I really have failed in the blogging world. I fail in the journal world as well. I go through phases for some reason. I guess it's the same with my poetry writing as well. It's either a downpour or drought. But, as an early new years resolution, I am going to write, and keep up on this blog, even if it's the only journal I do.

So, since my last post, Carson has grown up considerably. Before my very eyes, I have watched him transform from a baby to a toddler. He plays pretend! I bought him these baby pumpkins at the grocery store, and he just loves to take them everywhere and make them dance and he even created a slide for them to go down. He is so creative, just like his daddy.He's also learning how to feed himself, and this has caused quite a lot of frustration for the both of us. He wants to do it without any help, but mommy hates the mess, and knows he doesn't get much in his mouth, so it's always a challenge at meal time. I sometimes wonder if he even eats anything. I'm betting this might be because his eye teeth are coming in. Teething is so hard. But, again, I know it's just a phase.

This last week was the death of the 2nd nap. Mom fought for it's life tooth and nail, but reluctantly lost the war. Now we're lucky if we get an hour and a half. I sure hope this is also a phase, but I doubt it. At least he is still my perfect sleeper at night. 12 hours straight every night, unless he's sick. THANK HEAVENS!!

Halloween sure sneaked up on us this year. We celebrated earlier in the month by going to The Off Broadway theater in SLC with the Engebretsen's to see Dracula vs. Jekyll and Hyde, which was quite funny and entertaining. We also got to see some gorgeous fall colors up the canyon on the Alpine loop, which was the very first time Carson sat forward facing in his car seat. He was just in AWE at everything he could see out the front window. He kept pointing and saying "That!" and "Oh!" around every turn. He's happy he's a big boy now.We took him to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving point and it just wasn't his day. He was cranky for most of it, and not cooperative for family pictures, so it mostly didn't work out. Although he loved this corn pit they had for the babies.We've been reading this book that talks all about Halloween and he just loved the pumpkins. He can't get enough of them. And when I bought him his pumpkin for his candy, and he realized you could put stuff in it! Oh he was thrilled! I've been putting snacks and surprises in it for awhile so he would be prepared for trick or treating. And I think it worked. He was thrilled when we went trick or treating last night and he discovered treats in his pumpkin. He got tired of it pretty quick, but it was cute while it lasted :)After eating a yummy cheese soup and wassail, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins at 9 pm on Halloween. Pretty dang last minute, but we did it, while watching Michael Jackson's Thriller. It turned out to be a great Halloween night, and I am now looking forward to the holiday season. I felt like we were a month too early, but I think I'm ready now. I just can't believe how much my little one is changing and growing right before my eyes. Sometimes when I am rocking him to sleep at night, and he is quite and sleepy in my arms, I realize I miss my baby. I just don't want him to grow up anymore. I cherish the hugs and kisses and cuddles, and I just never want him to grow out of sharing them with me. Is that too much to ask?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Garden of Eden

Scott and I took a drive today, with Carson and Syd in tow. We were looking for yard sales, but after a couple of unfortunate-looking ones, we ended up just driving in Alpine. We drove on some hidden roads that lead to breathtaking views of the gorgeous mountains we are surrounded by. Beautiful trees, hills full of wildflowers, birds singing and the sun cascading over the green was more than enough for me to absolve to never move. This place we live, this little crevice of heaven, our own Garden of Eden, is all I could ever need. So peaceful, so calm, so serene, so sacred. I am overwhelmed with emotion when I see just how blessed I really am in my life to have the privilege of living here, with my family, and all I'll ever need. I informed Scott that I have no intention to ever leave, and will rent for 10 years if I have to and save enough so we can buy a house here. It doesn't have to be a big house, or even semi-large. I am fine with a cottage; a place tucked away in these hills, that sing. I feel like Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music. And luckily, my husband feels the same way. After traveling all over Idaho, and seeing the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and the majestic red rock of St. George, I have realized that although they are beautiful, and I enjoy visiting, I believe these mountains of mine are superior, and more beautiful than any I've seen. I will travel the world, and take in it's infinite beauties, but I will come home, and be content and blissfully happy with my piece of heaven, Alpine, Utah, my home.

Friday, May 13, 2011

All before a year

It has been so long since I blogged, which is silly, because I have time, I just don't remember to do it! A lot has happened since my last posts, so I will probably be posting a bunch of different ones, so this one won't be a book :)

Watching Carson over the last couple of weeks has inspired me to write down his accomplishments thus far. Here are some things I have noticed that he has accomplished all before turning a year old next Saturday:

1. He has 8 teeth! 4 on top and 4 on bottom. The molars are next! Teething hasn't been fun for him, but he is enjoying being able to use those chompers! (even on people, watch out!)

2. He has been walking since 9 months! Carson has just started to run, or rather walk really fast. He can climb stairs, hills, uneven terrain, and loves to explore all over outside!

3. His favorite place in the whole world is being outside. He LOVES to pick off dandelion heads and chew on them. Yuck! He notices every little crack and rock and bug. Very curious little boy!

4. He just learned how to wave "bye-bye" and just said it out loud this morning for the first time!! He also says "mamma" and "dada".

5. He loves playing "horsey" with Grandpa Young and every time I say "Do you want to go see Grandpa?" he mimmicks bouncing up and down :)

6. He actually listens to me when I tell him no. (most of the time)

7. He has been clapping his hands and bending his knees up and down when you tell him to dance for 2 months now.

8. His favorite food is mandarin oranges, and also loves yogurt and green beans and corn. He has never liked bananas, until this week!

9. He is starting to be nicer to our dog Sydney when we tell her to be "soft", and has recently been going up to her and cuddling and hugging her. (So cute!)

10. He got his first-ever fever last Sunday (for Mother's Day) and has been fighting a cold ever since. Poor thing :(

11. Carson got his first hair cut a couple weeks ago. Mommy was sad to see the curls leave, but his hair was just too long, it was covering his eyes! He was so calm and still when he got the haircut.

12. Carson has been sleeping through the night (11 hours straight) since he was 3 months old. Mommy and Daddy are SPOILED!

13. Carson loves to move and play, and thinks the world is a jungle gym, but with Oma (Grandma) Graham, he will sit with her for long periods of time. (She has MS, and I think he understands she can't run around with him. This is single to only her.)

We are just so lucky to have this little monkey in our lives, and I just can't even believe that in just a week he will be my 1 year old. Honestly, where does the time go? I am just thrilled beyond belief that summer is just around the corner and Carson is big enough to enjoy it! We are going camping, swimming, hiking, playing at parks, walking, running, playing as much as we can this summer! It is going to be a blast, and I just can't wait to show Carson this beautiful world :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New frame, hobbies, and a 10 month old

This picture is a frame I bought at the Holy Cow Boutique on Saturday with some birthday money I got. It brought a tear to my eye, and I felt the spirit immediately testifying the importance of keeping myself worthy to enter his holy temple. I knew I had to have this hanging in my house. I had never seen anything like this before, with the door knob of the temple. I just love it.

Scott and I decided to have a garden this year. I'm really excited to do it, and so far it's been hard, but fun work. I discovered that I have a somewhat OCD thing with weeds. Once I start, I could pull weeds for hours and never get bored. But my back sure doesn't like it. :) We are having a beautiful flower garden that is right by my house. We are growing tulips (which are already coming up), a wild flower mix, daisies, sunflowers, zinnias, a rose bush and some others I forgot the names of. We also have our strawberry plants in the same area. Over in the back of our large yard we have a fenced off garden area with boxes that our landlords decided they weren't going to use this year, so we are planting our veggies out there. We have started some of them in a little indoor greenhouse with peat moss. We will be planting them in a few weeks after the last frost. Some of the veggies we are doing are peppers, carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, watermellon, cucumbers, etc. I really am so excited to do this, since it's been so long since I had my own garden, and definitely never had one this big. But I figure since I am a stay at home mom I have sufficient time to work on it, and it will keep me busy and productive, not to mention we will be saving money on veggies!

An update on my running: I signed up for a 5k on April 30th at Thanksgiving Point. I am so excited for this because the course runs through the gardens during the Tulip Festival, so it will be a GORGEOUS run, not to mention the air will smell divine! Also, my dad has decided to do it with me, so we will start training together soon! I love that Spring is here, and I can bask in the sun again. I thrive during Spring and Summer.

Carson turned 10 months old yesterday! He is walking better and better everyday, and is starting to really try and talk. It's still gibberish, but it sounds like he's trying to tell us something. He can actually say "baba" when he wants an bottle and "mamma" when he wants me, or when he's tired and wants to go to bed. He has learned how to shake his head "no" when he doesn't want something. He is just so darling and happy and is still a perfect sleeper. I love him with all my heart, and can't believe we will be celebrating his first birthday in 2 months.

As far as I'm concerned, I am doing so much better. I was in a hard place earlier this year, and I felt lost and out of control, but I feel myself again, and it's a WONDERFUL feeling. I am a lot more fun to be with now :) All I can say, is therapists are wonderful and medication can make all the difference when you really need it. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

My son is WALKING!

Carson graduated to a big kid car seat. He looks so little in there!

First time taking a bath in the sink instead of the bath tub.

Aren't those dimples just to die for?

I adore this face :)

Carson is 9 1/2 months old and already starting to walk! It just takes my breath away how fast babies aren't babies anymore. Such a precious time period. I will be so sad when he get to the point when he doesn't want to cuddle with mommy anymore, or fall asleep in my arms. I treasure these moments.
I am so very blessed to have such a perfect little man. He sleeps through the night almost every night, he takes 2 two hour naps with out a fuss, and loves to laugh and play.
He is so adventurous and curious. He wants to figure out the world around him. Very much like his Daddy :)
He has 4 teeth now, and knows how to shake his head "no". He's learning "bye bye" and "hello". He's eating yogurt and cheese and pasta and bread and all veggies and fruit. He mostly eats table food now, and loves it!
His hair is starting to curl in the back, especially after a bath, and I just ADORE it, and have no plans to cut it for a very long time :)
I am so blessed to be his mommy and I am just thrilled to see him achieve more and more. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A wedding and twins :)

I am so very much excited to be an Aunt for the first time! I am thrilled beyond belief to hold these newborn boys that are just waiting patiently in my sister-in-law's belly :) She is getting so close, and it could happen any day now. I am so excited to kiss and squeeze and hold these tiny babies! I only hope this won't make me baby hungry! I still have a 9 month old. That is NOT allowed! I will post pics the second I have them :) Brandon Michael and Daniel Christian are almost here! Oh! And Jorden and Alexis had a beautiful, small wedding in my parent's home. I made a cake with my friend Amanda. It was so beautiful, as you can see in the picture above. I have so much more to blog about, but it will have to wait till later, because I am oh so tired. Good night blogging world, till next time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A new passion

I just ran 2 miles. Ok, I didn't run the whole time, but almost. It was the most exhilarating and fulfilling thing I have done in such a long time. Somewhere along the road of marriage and mommy-hood, I lost myself. Latissa became wife. Mother. Student. Massage Therapist. Cook. Dog walker. Maid. Daughter. Friend. Teacher. All these hats. So many hats to wear. To get lost in. But the Latissa hat never was worn. It became dusty in the corner. I thought it just wasn't as important as all the other hats. Not a priority, when the other hats are all demanding to be worn. But the Latissa hat is key. It gives me strength and motivation to be my best, to give my best, to love myself, because if I love myself, I have the capacity and want and will to love others, and to take care of them the best way I can. I don't know why I forgot this, but I'm putting the Latissa hat back on, at least an hour each day.

Here are my Latissa activities I am discovering again:
1.Run, run run. Includes training for at least a 5K, hopefully a 10K, but dreaming for a marathon.
2.Yoga on the days I don't run
3.Write poetry again
5.Get massages at least every other week.

Hopefully I will also be able to play the violin again, but I have to put some money into it before I can do that.