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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ancient Chinese chart says it's a...

On Friday I was in the bathroom, ready to take a pregnancy test that I knew would just turn out negative, but the lack of patience and force of habit to not wait for my period to start pushed me to do it. You see, we had been trying for 5 months without any luck. This was unusual in comparison to the last time. We tried for 2 months and poof there was Carson! Easy as pie. So this second time around, I figured it would be just as easy. After 4 months of trying, I started getting a little anxious. After reading about IUD's and how they can create scar tissue and make it hard to conceive, I was terrified I had done that to myself. I had no idea IUD's could do that. So I prayed and hoped that everything was fine. So by the 5th month, I told myself I would get the ovulation pack at Wal Mart the next month if it didn't work out this month. I was prepared to see the "not pregnant" sign, when I looked down and saw one word, PREGNANT. Scott was in the shower when he heard me yell, "WHAT?!" He immediately wondered what the heck was wrong. All I could do was hand him the test. His delayed response was, "Really? I mean, is it right? Wow! Again, huh? Are you sure you're ready hun? Sweet!!" I just started laughing. It was an awesome start to the morning.

Ever since then, I have kinda been in a daze, wondering if it's really real. I mean, I took another test later that day just to see if it would show the same result. Yep, pregnant. I was so thrilled, I even went to the Women's Clinic that day to have the registration appointment where they take your blood and get you all set up. Just 4 weeks along, but I was ready to get the ball rolling! Now I have to wait till April 5th for my first OB appointment to hear the heart beat and such. It seems like such a long ways away. I know I have done this before, but this time none of it feels real. I haven't had morning sickness yet, but I am betting it's just a week away. Time seemed to be going so fast, but now, everything has slowed down. My mind is filled with a million thoughts on what to expect with this new baby. I have realized the dynamics of having one child. I know Carson and his schedule and I have come to expect a certain rhythm with him. What will adding a newborn do to that rhythm? Random questions pop into my head like, "What do I do if Carson is getting into something he shouldn't while I'm nursing? How will I ever get any sleep if I can't sleep when the baby sleeps because Carson is awake? How do I run after a toddler in the store if I'm carrying a baby too? Oh man, so many, many questions. But I know it will all work itself out. I know I will change and adjust, but it all seems so daunting to me. I am not known for dealing with change well. But with a blessing to help ease my anxieties, I feel better. I know that the Lord will be by my side, helping me through all my struggles. I am so grateful I have another little blessing growing inside of me. And no matter how sick I may get again, I know all of it will be worth it in the end.

While looking through the welcome packet I got from the doctor's office, there were many brochures and handouts, one of which was an Ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart. It claims to have 90% accuracy in predicting the baby's gender according to the month you conceived and the age of the mother in that month. I just laughed when I saw it, but curiosity got the best of me, so I looked to see if they got Carson's gender correct. Yep, male. Interested, I checked a bunch of known genders, like mine, and Scott's and friends that knew what they were having, and they were ALL correct. What is this? Totally weirded out! So, checking my month, and age, the results for this pregnancy show that...

With 3 grand baby boys in my family, a girl would be a sweet addition! But honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with either. Guess we'll find out in a few months!