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Friday, December 25, 2009

We're having a BOY!!

Scott and I are pleased to announce that Carson James Graham is on his way and is healthy and growing at a normal rate. No problems to report with Carson. We are thrilled!! So very happy to finally know the sex, so we can start buying baby clothes and things!! I knew it was Carson all along. I always knew I would have him first. I felt him from the moment we got married, and I am just so happy that he is finally coming. Scott is definitely excited to have a son to play tinker toys with and build stuff with and go shooting and all that boy stuff. I just hope someday I will have a girl!! We will see! Anyway, that is all I have time for in this blog, but I promise to post a picture of him from the ultrasound, and possibly some of the video if I can! Hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas, cause I know I am!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just can't!! 4 more days till the ultrasound and I just can't handle the anticipation any longer!! I see babies everywhere and baby clothes and things and I just want to KNOW so I can start buying boy or girl things!! I can't wait till Christmas eve to find out!! I just can't! But I am not posting what it is till then, and I am not telling family or friends what it is till then!! Oh my, this is so exciting!!!!!! Best CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!

And that's what's on my mind tonight:)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


After thinking about what our baby will look like, ie hair, eyes, face, chubbiness, I decided to look at baby pics of Scott and I. Scott is so scared of having an ugly baby, but I don't think we have anything to worry about! If you crossed me and Scott, I think it would turn out adorable!! What do you think?

Me a happy baby
Cute eh?
Scott is the baby with big brother Chris
Don't you just want to pick him up?
That hair is just adorable!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So much to post!

I am horrible at blogging. I have just figured this out. I don't know why, because I get on here all the time to read everyone else's postings, but don't take the time to post about my life. Wow. Well, here's what you've missed over the past month and a half. Halloween was pretty laid back. I dressed up as a cat and Scott dressed up as V from V for Vendetta. We went Joanna's house for a Halloween party with Amanda and Allen. We also had a lot of fun carving pumpkins with my family. We all got really creative this year! So here is Halloween:

Sorry I can't find pics of us all dressed up. Ok, so after Halloween, November hit and I can't even remember everything that happened. It really did go by so fast! Thanksgiving was just wonderful. We had 24 people over at my parent's house, so needless to say it was a little crazy, but we all loved it. The food was amazing, and I was actually able to eat it, thanks to the second trimester of pregnancy giving me my appetite back (well, kind of). Here is a picture of Scott and I at Thanksgiving:
Also, here is a picture of my pregnant belly at 3 months, which was about a half a month ago. I need to get another one up. If I look a little leaner, it's because I have lost a total of 14 pounds since I first got pregnant, due to extreme morning sickness, and what I think is a boy in me, like Scott, eating everything I put in my body and leaving me with nothing! I have not gained a single pound, so my Doc says I gotta start eating more!
Also new, is my hair! I recently chopped 8 inches off, and sport a new do that is just below my collar bone. I love it!! I also have lighter hair, more of a golden color now, with lots of layers. You can see it in that pregnant pic above straightened, and also in this pic with it curled:
Well, I am sure I am missing something, but that is what I have for today! I will get a more recent pic of my belly up at my 16 week mark, which is this Saturday! I am also very excited, because Scott and I will be having our Ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby on December 21st! The plan is to have the Doc right down the sex, and we will put it in an envelope and open it later that week on Christmas Eve in front of the whole family!! I am beginning to wonder if I will actually make it that long though!! The suspense will kill me!! Anyway, I won't post the sex till Christmas, so look out for it then!! Any votes on what you think it will be? I cute little mexican lady at JCW's thinks I'm having a girl, and the women in my family want it to be a girl, seeing as my Grandma's mom was the first born, My Grandma was the first born, my Mom was the first born, I was the first born, so if I have a boy it will throw that line of first born women off!! I have thought from the beginning that it will be a boy, named Carson James Graham, but lately my dreams have been giving me mixed signals, so who knows? What do you think?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Newest Licensed Massage Therapist in Town!!

I am very pleased to announce that the day I have been waiting for for over a year has finally come!! I am OFFICIALLY a Licensed Massage Therapist, and legal to practice. It has been quite a journey this past year. School was quite tough sometimes, but I am so very grateful I never gave up. I knew it would be hard to give up my weeknights Mon-Thurs 7pm - 10:30 pm every single week for a year, but I didn't realize just how hard it would be until I was doing it. I had to give up precious time with my husband and friends and family on countless occasions, which was the hardest part of school for me. But I knew from the very beginning that it would all be worth it in the end, and I knew that nothing was impossible for me to achieve with the Lord's help, and I am telling you he carried me through some nights and tests, which I am so grateful for. Looking back, I sometimes can't believe a year actually passed. That I actually did it. Where would I be in my life right now if I hadn't decided to take that chance? I honestly don't think I would have felt as accomplished and confident with myself as I do now. I learned all the muscles and bones in the human body, and their functions and locations and how they interact and oppose each other. I learned many diseases so that I can recognize them in my patients. I learned how to look at someone and analyze what their main imbalance and dysfunction is, and how to fix it. I learned how to help people feel good, and help release pain that they have been dealing with for possibly their whole life. I learned how love people, regardless of who they are or their situation, and look past the human body faults, and see the person and love the person inside. My profession is truly amazing. I get to help people FEEL good! How many people get to say they do that for a living? I am just so happy and thankful for my experience at UCMT, and for the friends I have gained that I will cherish for years to come. And I am especially thankful for my husband Scott, and my family, for all the support they showed when I needed it most. I love you all!! Here are some pictures from my graduation. I had quite a turn out for me!

My lovely parents:)

Scott, I love you so much!!

Joanna, you are such a blessing! Thank you for the identity package!!

Amanda and Allen, we can play again!!

My two best friends at school, Sarah and Jenna! I love you two!!

Receiving my High Five Achievement Award (5 massages in 5 1/2 hours every clinic shift!)

Receiving my Diploma!

Very proud of this!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vegas baby!

Our Anniversary trip to Vegas was so fun. We stayed at the Grandview at Las Vegas, which are condos. Our room was 800 square feet, with a full kitchen, living room, bedroom with a King bed, Jacuzzi, and beautiful bathroom with a separate shower. It was so nice. We had a nice pool too, and spent time lounging around and getting a nice tan. We spent all of Saturday on the strip, and went to so many places, but the best places were Madaam Tussaud's Wax Museum, where we met a lot of stars that seriously looked real, and then later that night we saw "The Phantom Spectacular" at The Venetian, which truly was spectacular! It's the same show as The Phantom of the Opera, just a very slightly shorter version, and had a lot more special effects, including dropping a huge chandelier 10 feet above the audience's heads, and fireworks and amazing sets that looked so real. We both really enjoyed it! We went shopping, and I bought this really pretty wrap dress that can be so many different styles of dresses, some of which will be good maternity styles! I love it. We enjoyed an yummy buffet and ate at Planet Hollywood's restaurant, which was also very yummy, and fun to see tons of props used in movies. On Monday, we saw the Hoover Dam, which was my first time seeing it. It was so cool! Very large, and amazing how much power is generated from that thing! Then we drove home. We had so much fun, and it was just a wonderful way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and news that we are having a baby! Here are so pictures for your enjoyment

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm gonna be a Mommy in May!

I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!

I just found out on September 11th that we will be expecting in May! I am still in shock, and I don't think reality has fully set in for me or Scott, but we are so excited. It was perfect timing, since I found out right before our 2 year Anniversary trip to Vegas. Here is what happened. I found out that morning at about 5:50 am, because I honestly couldn't hold it anymore, since I didn't pee all night. I found out all by myself in the bathroom, since everyone was still asleep. When I was waiting for the results to come up, I kept thinking I was setting myself up for disapointment, and I was so nervous. Then I thought that maybe it could happen, and then at the last second I pretty much decided it was impossible, when the Clear Blue test came up saying "PREGNANT"! I just stood there stunned, and then a huge smile crossed my face, and I started jumping up and down screaming silently to myself since everyone was still asleep, and I didn't want Scott to find out yet, since I planned to surprise him later in St. George. So I went back to bed and acted like nothing happened. It was SO HARD. Of course I didn't sleep a wink. As soon as Scott woke up and left to go to a quick work meeting before we left, I ran upstairs and woke up my mom. She was so surprised! All the way to St. George, my stomach was turning as I tried to keep it from Scott! I texted a couple friends, and told them I couldn't hold it in much longer! I am so bad at surprises! I give everything away with my face, but somehow Scott didn't see it! What I did was I bought 2 onesies, 1 fro a boy and 1 for a girl, and put my pregnancy test in between them in a bag for him to open. It was so cute. When I gave it to him on Dixie Rock, he picked the clothes up and didn't realize what they were at first, and then his eyes got big and he said, "Honey?" "Honey!" And when I pulled out the pregnancy test and showed him, he was so thrilled! He hugged and kissed me over and over and said that was the best present he couls have gotten. It was such a wonderful experience. Definitely the second happiest day of my life. (First would be my wedding day) Scott was so dotting for the whole rest of the weekend. It's like he saw me in a different light, a pregnant light :) It was so cute. We called our family and friends and drove the rest of the way to Vegas. More to come on the Vegas trip in another post, since this is big enough!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One change to previous posting...

In regards to the post below, aparently that video is not the same one that will be shown to students. That one will be available to view tomorrow. Hopefully there is no political agenda attached with it, like this other one. I still feel that video below was directed at our children, by the celebrities, and is not right. It still makes my skin crawl.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I am shocked and appauled!

We are NOT a servant to the President! He is a servant to the people, for the people, by the people!! We are NOT in a dictatorship! This video will be shown to our kids in school on Tuesday! It is surrounded by all these good thoughts, but watch till the end. And I quote, " I Pledge to be a servant to Barack Obama". Do we want our kids to see this? It makes me sick.

More about this when I can control my language.

Monday, August 24, 2009

3 Birthdays in 1 weekend! FUN!

We had quite the busy weekend! On the 22nd it was my brother Jorden and my brother in law Thomas's birthday. So we had 2 birthday parties planned for Sunday evening. Not only that, but my good friend Jenna's daughter Riley had a birthday on Sunday, and so we had 3 parties to hop around to. It was quite fun. Watching Riley open her gift was so cute. I just love her to pieces! Scott had a lot of fun with her tinker toys! Hanging out with our families was great too. We love them all! Also, I curled my hair for like the first time this year, and so I had to take pictures to document it. I have been told by many that it looked beautiful, so here are a couple of those. We gave Sydney a bath, and she looked so cute and silly I just had to take some pictures of her too. So I hope you enjoy these pics!