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Thursday, December 3, 2009

So much to post!

I am horrible at blogging. I have just figured this out. I don't know why, because I get on here all the time to read everyone else's postings, but don't take the time to post about my life. Wow. Well, here's what you've missed over the past month and a half. Halloween was pretty laid back. I dressed up as a cat and Scott dressed up as V from V for Vendetta. We went Joanna's house for a Halloween party with Amanda and Allen. We also had a lot of fun carving pumpkins with my family. We all got really creative this year! So here is Halloween:

Sorry I can't find pics of us all dressed up. Ok, so after Halloween, November hit and I can't even remember everything that happened. It really did go by so fast! Thanksgiving was just wonderful. We had 24 people over at my parent's house, so needless to say it was a little crazy, but we all loved it. The food was amazing, and I was actually able to eat it, thanks to the second trimester of pregnancy giving me my appetite back (well, kind of). Here is a picture of Scott and I at Thanksgiving:
Also, here is a picture of my pregnant belly at 3 months, which was about a half a month ago. I need to get another one up. If I look a little leaner, it's because I have lost a total of 14 pounds since I first got pregnant, due to extreme morning sickness, and what I think is a boy in me, like Scott, eating everything I put in my body and leaving me with nothing! I have not gained a single pound, so my Doc says I gotta start eating more!
Also new, is my hair! I recently chopped 8 inches off, and sport a new do that is just below my collar bone. I love it!! I also have lighter hair, more of a golden color now, with lots of layers. You can see it in that pregnant pic above straightened, and also in this pic with it curled:
Well, I am sure I am missing something, but that is what I have for today! I will get a more recent pic of my belly up at my 16 week mark, which is this Saturday! I am also very excited, because Scott and I will be having our Ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby on December 21st! The plan is to have the Doc right down the sex, and we will put it in an envelope and open it later that week on Christmas Eve in front of the whole family!! I am beginning to wonder if I will actually make it that long though!! The suspense will kill me!! Anyway, I won't post the sex till Christmas, so look out for it then!! Any votes on what you think it will be? I cute little mexican lady at JCW's thinks I'm having a girl, and the women in my family want it to be a girl, seeing as my Grandma's mom was the first born, My Grandma was the first born, my Mom was the first born, I was the first born, so if I have a boy it will throw that line of first born women off!! I have thought from the beginning that it will be a boy, named Carson James Graham, but lately my dreams have been giving me mixed signals, so who knows? What do you think?


Carlie said...

cute post. way to blog. I go in spurts of bloggingness. I think your having a girl. I like your new hair cute and color, it looks great. Also you have lost weight. I'd say good job but your preg and you've been sick so. . . well, good job blogging. ttyl

Katrina said...

I think it is creative to open the gender on christmas! You can wait an extra couple of days! :)

I understand the not gaining weight during the first half of pregnancy. It's been the same for me this time around. Not morning sickness, however, but getting the flu in October and then a 24 hour flu in November (right before Thanksgiving!) You are so cute prego though! Not showing hardly at all yet! (I guess that was a while ago!) With your 2nd, you'll be showing lots sooner...or so they say! :) haha

As for names: Carson is cute! You can have it because Ryan doesn't like it...which means that's not our name! :) lol What's the #1 name if it's a girl??