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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Come on guys, make a meal

Since this is my blog, and I can post whatever I want and not apologize, then I am going to post about Thanksgiving.

I know life gets busy, and I know cooking really is time consuming and a hassle a lot of the time, but if there are 2 holidays that a home-cooked meal is appropriate, it's Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seriously, I am appauled when I hear of people that decide not to cook and go out to a restaurant on these holidays. Ugh. It's just so disgusting and lazy. Come on, 2 days out of the whole year you can cook a wonderful, wholesome meal and involve others in the process, and enjoy the yummy smells in your home and decorations that just light up your home. You can gather family and friends around YOUR dinner table and reap the benefits of your hard work. It means so much more when you work for something, and you appreciate it so much more. You also teach your children the value of hard work, rather than saying, "Oh mommy and daddy don't want to have to cook this year, cause it just takes too much time and effort, so we are just going out to eat." If it's a matter of time, I believe you need to set aside the extra time needed to have a home-cooked meal. Take and extra day off work. Plan AHEAD. If it's effort, don't do it all on one day, and get the kids or friends or other family members involved. I believe that the trend of families just going out to eat is another manifestation of the decay of our society. Everything has to be right here, right now, with the least amount of effort so we can get back to our computer, cell phone, video game, etc. We say we never have TIME. But the truth is, we do, we just choose to fill that time with other things, that are probably not as important. I'm sorry to those of you who have gone out to eat instead of cooked on these holidays if I have offended you, but again, this is my opinion, and I do not apologize for it. I just really feel strongly about this, and I had to say something. I encourage you all to put in the effort, the time, and to really reap what you sow, and it will pay off, and you will feel accomplished, and your kids will remember it, and learn a valuable lesson from you, I promise. IT'S WORTH IT!!


Amanda P said...

While I understand what you are trying to say, I don't think 2 days a year matter. It's every single day. Children shouldn't be taught that we only cook or put in the effort to be together twice a year. Also, I have eaten out on multiple thanksgiving occasions and found that the chance to make the holiday about each other and not about food was its own kind of blessing. You are right that you can have your opinion and post it, but that means I also have the right to tell you mine. And I think the food doesn't matter. The giving of thanks and sharing love does. The food is just a fun (and delicious) benefit.

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

I agree with you Amanda. It definitely be more than twice a year. It should be as often as we can. I just feel that thanksgiving and Christmas should definitely be home cooked, but that is just my opinion, and I respect yours as well. It is more than the food, it is about the effort put into making the food, and the time and the lessons learned from that, as I mentioned previously in my post.