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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our newest addition to our little family:)

I have been wanting to blog about our Sydney since we got her, but life has been so crazy with finals and starting a new job and adjusting to the new puppy. Well, it all started on our 20 month anniversary. We had been wanting a puppy for so long, and when we got the ok from my parents, we started looking. We had our hearts set on getting an Australian Shepherd because they are such great family dogs and have such a fun temperment, so we went searching. To our dismay, Aussie puppies cost at least $400, and are extremely hard to find at a shelter around here. But on that Wednesday afternoon, I found her. Sydney was in Cedar City at a shelter, and I saw her picture on, and both Scott and I fell in love with her. Sydney is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. Within 10 minutes after calling the shelter, we decided to go and get her. I had to go to school, so Scott tool his brother James, and went that night. Needless to say, I was distracted at school all night, and couldn't wait to meet her!! She has been the sweetest little girl since day one. So loving and friendly, and curious. She is learning commands, such as "Sit", "Stay", "Come", and "Do your business"(potty time), and has only had a few accidents in the house. She sleeps in her crate all night in our room and does not whine. She is protective and affectionate to us, and anyone she meets. Sydney was 7.5 pounds when we got her, and she is now 9 pounds! She is almost 10 weeks old. We had quite a scare with her this last week. She has had the Parvo Virus, and if any of you have dogs, you know how scary that can be. But we caught it in time, and she has been such a good little fighter, and I believe she is nearly over it. I never knew I would love a dog so much. I never really liked other people's dogs that much, and especially when they licked me. But now I love it. It is so funny! I guess when they're your own, you don't care? I am sure it is the same with having your own baby, and their slobber and diapers. Sydney is the closest thing to having a baby of our own I believe. With having her, and being called to the Nursery this week, Scott and I are getting the best training for having a baby that we can get. With that said, life is pretty good! I got a job as an Administrative Assistant for a company called Burstabit Media, and I honestly couldn't ask for a better part time job. I love the company and the people and environment. I am truly blessed to have that job. Also, I just finished finals, and did very well! Massage school is going great, and i absolutely love Clinic Internship every Saturday. 5 massages in 5.5 hours is pretty exhausting, but I am proud to say I can do it, and have gained a few new clients so far, and a tip! Scott and I are saving our money and getting out of debt, so that next year we can move out and into a house. Life is going great right now, and I am so grateful. I feel happier and healthier than I have in a very long time. It truly is a wonderful life!

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Eva said...

She is super cute!!!