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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

6:30 am was beautiful today...

I woke up this morning with Scott to make him lunch before he leaves for the day as I normally do now, feeling quite drowsy, since he normally doesn't have to leave till 7:30 am. This morning however, he had to be out the door about 6:30 am, so I half sleep-walked up the stairs to make him his lunch. He came in from outside and announced that it was beautiful outside. After he left, I decided to take a peak. To my surprise, the scene was perfect. I stuck my leg out, and felt the temperature. It felt so good. I grabbed a blanket just in case, and went out to sit on our porch swing. Everything smelled fresh, and I could smell the tulips that were right next to me in the air. Everything was quite, and still, all except my cat, who was attacking something in the bushes, which was quite entertaining to watch:) I thought to myself, this could not be a more perfect morning. I am not a morning person AT ALL, but this morning alone has made me want to see 6:30 am more often. In my newly formed opinion, this is the best time of the day!

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