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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My wonderful St. George weekend, with a few surprises

Scott and I in a cave part of the Canyon Overlook hike!
Carson was so funny and decided he needed a nap halfway through the hike. We all laughed!!

Good picture of my highlights!
Mori, Carson, and Quint!! So cute.
Beautiful St. George Temple

My new hat...I love it!
Kylie all dressed up after her play!! What a doll!!

Us at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

St. George was just what the doctor ordered. My much-needed weekend started off with me getting my hair done...with blonde highlights! It has been quite a long time since I had blonde in my hair; since I was 17! But I love it, and so does Scott. It was time for a change, and since Scott would probably cry if I cut it, I settled for color. I guess I am going the blonde way now, because I intend to gradually go blonder and blonder. Oh! And we also went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point, which was just gorgeous!!
Anyway, so that night, we went and saw my sister Kylie play the Little Red-headed girl that Charlie Brown has a crush on in the play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". She was so adorable, and just lit up the stage!! After the play, we headed to St. George, and didn't get in till late Friday night and the Jensen's house. Saturday, we woke up and tried Herbalife shakes for the first time, and became hooked!! They are so yummy, and there are so many options, not just shakes, but pies, snack bars, and all kinds of other recipes. Scott and I decided to get the program, and we are loving it so far. We went shopping pretty much all afternoon on Saturday, and ate at Larsen's Frost top and ordered their famous rootbeer freeze, which I highly reccommend. We then went to the St. George temple grounds and took a wonderful nap on the green grass under a beautiful tree and enjoyed the flowers all around us. We then met Quint and Mori and their adorable 2 year old Carson at my favorite mexican restaurant, Pancho and Lefty's. We ended the evening seeing State of Play at the theater, which was pretty good. Sunday was spent in Zion's National Park, and the Jensen's joined us. It was gorgeous weather, and we were able to hike some beautiful trails. Carson was such a trooper! He was only carried some of the time, but mostly he walked all by himself, and loved looking at every little bug and stick! We ended the night saying goodbye to the Jensen's and eating at our favorite burger joint, Oscar's, which is right outside Zions. It was a fun and enjoyable trip, and we really liked getting to know the Jensen's better. Thanks for everything guys! Here are some pictures of Thanksgiving point, Kylie's play, and St. George.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Your hair is cute - I can't wait to see it in person.

The Youngs said...

What a beautiful looking girl. Wow.