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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My 22nd Birthday celebrations!

Boy did I get spoiled! I sure had a good 22nd. It started 2 Sundays ago at my Aunt Val and Uncle Mike's house to celebrate my birthday with my Dad's side of the family. We had yummy knock off Cafe Rio pork salads that my amazing Aunt came up with, and yummy cake and presents. The Saturday before my birthday, Scott and I went to Applebees to use the giftcard I got from my Aunt Wendy for my birthday and enjoyed a Bourbon Steak and embarrassing singing and yummy cake. Then on my birthday, we woke up at 7 am and had a yummy Belgium waffles and eggs and bacon breakfast made by my fabulous family. Jo was there too, and it was so yummy and fun! I wore the necklace my mom bought me from the Holy Cow fair that Pleasant Grove had, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a charm necklace, and I love it. Scott and I both had work off, so we spent the day eating lunch at The Olive Garden, looking at puppies and kitties and the animal shelter, shopped at Wal Mart, where I actually found some very cute capris that I never thought would look good on me, went to school to stop by (where I received a stern look from my teacher) to get a card that my classmates made, and then went to see Bedtime Stories at the dollar theater. It really was a very fun day! Oh! And I almost forgot to add that Amanda E and Amanda P took me out to Bajio last night and I received a fun knitting kit and iTunes gift card for my new iPhone that Scott bought me, and had so much fun with them! And Jo came today for the family party and gave me Breakfast at TIffany's; a cherished movie for us. I love them all!

Today we had my mom's side of the family over after conference, and celebrated my Aunt Libby's, Grandma's, and my birthday. We all had a yummy dinner and separate cakes, (chocolate peppermint, bananna cream and cheesecake) and opened many cards and presents. I was spoiled with enough money to go get a professional massage, which I have been urged to do so from my teachers at UCMT, and am very excited about it. It is a chance for me to see how other people do it, and to compare and contrast certain techniques used, the little extra ways they pamper their clients, and the aura and feeling of the room they use, so I can immatate, or better yet improve it in my own practice. (Not to mention enjoy a fabluous massage)

On another note, General Conference was amazing this spring. The major themes that stuck out to me were faith, change, and temples. What a perfect time to emphasize the importance of these. I myself have maybe lost some faith and been distraught at the hard things in this world that have occured in my life, and I felt lifted up by all the amazing talks reflecting on these topics. I know I am not the only one who needed to hear it. I feel a peace that I haven't felt in awhile, and a strong desire to visit the temple; not just for me, but for the souls in the next life who need me so much. I know that loosing yourself in the service of our Heavenly Father can lift our own burdens, and help us forget and see that there are so many things to be thankful for. I love this gospel more than anything. It is literally my spiritual oxygen and strength, and I feel I have been given a big dose of it this weekend. I hope you all felt the same way when you listened, and if you missed it, look it up online, or read in the Ensign next month.

I am posting some pictures of my birthday events. Hope you enjoy them!

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