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Friday, November 7, 2008

New Goal...

Last night in my Professional Development class, we learned so much about the power of positive thinking. If any of you have not seen The Secret, look it up. It will change your life, and the way you view the world and how you have the power to control your happiness. This is a picture of me when I was 19 at the St. George temple with my roommates when we were going to Dixie State. I want to look like this again, and I believe I can. I am going to recite this everyday:

"I am happy and grateful now that I am slim, trim, and beautiful and weigh 125 pounds. It is so. Thank you."

I know that if you focus on something, the universe will help it happen. I know that thinking as if I weigh 125, and love the way I look, will help me achieve it. Thinking "I hate being fat, I am fat" will only keep me fat. I have to think positively, and love myself, and my subconcious will help me make the right decisions in order to live a healthier lifestyle.


Amanda said...

I think instead of the "universe" making it's more of a blessing from Heavenly Father. Good luck, girl. I know you can do it.

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

I agree with you my dear. God does make it happen, and he also works through other people. So that is why I referred to the Universe. And who created the universe? God, of course.