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Friday, October 17, 2008

The adventure called Massage School

So I started my first week of Massage school at The Utah College of Massage Therapy on Tuesday this week with much excitement, anticipation and a little anxiety. But to my relief, I have loved every minute so far, and the instructors I have met so far are awesome! My classes this semester are Professional Development, Massage Basics, Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid/CPR, and Reflexology. Massage Basics is very hands on, which is great because I learn faster that way. Last night we practiced "Draping", and if any of you are wondering, we all had to "disrobe" under our sheet while laying on our massage table, which is called "tenting", and practice how to properly drape our clients so nothing private is exposed. This was a very new experience I believe for all of us, and there were many giggles throughout the room, since most of the students are girls. Here it is, the 3rd day of school, and we were forced to step out of our comfort zone and get serious. It was awesome!!! I did better than I thought, and apparently am more comfortable with my body than I thought I would be.

We learned a new concept called "Beingness", which is to completely "be" in a moment. To give your undivided attention to another person and completely focus on just them, and nothing else. How often do we have time to give someone that? With all the distractions and chaos that this life produces, we rarely have time to just "be". How often do we look at our child or a friend and just say, "Tell me everything about your day. You are the most important thing to me right now, and I have nowhere else to be, and I truely care, and will listen completely until you are done". Has anyone ever experienced "Beingness"? I know I have, on a few occassions, and those moments are treasured most in my memory. We learned about beingness in our class, because when you give a massage, you need to be at one with your client. You have nowhere else to be. You have a full hour to give, and you must give it your all. Ask questions like, "What does this person need from me?" What can I give to them that will make them feel better than when they first came to see me?" Giving a massage is ideally to be a moment of selflessness. Your complete at utter attention needs to be on them, and what they need from you. What a cool thing I get to do for people? I have the power to aid in healing someone! I only hope that I will be able to master Beingness, and I plan to practice this more in my everyday life.

Tonight I have Anatomy/Phisiology, and am slightly nervous at memorizing every muscle and every bone, but I'm sure I will find the fun in it. If any of you took Anatomy in college and think you can help me find ways to memorize maybe a little easier, let me know.

Wish me good luck!


Amanda said...

I'm glad it's going well. :) Geoff just did anatomy a couple semesters ago, he might be more helpful than me (I did it a couple YEARS ago).

Katrina said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! :) Welcome! :) I'm excited to keep in touch better now! :)

I didn't know you were doing massage school. That's cool! Glad it is going well!