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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ethan Scott Graham - 6 months already!

"Mom! You've been holding out on me! These bananas are AWESOME!!
My little Ethan celebrated his 1/2 year birthday on Independence Day! I can't believe how fast the time has gone, and how big he has gotten! I brought home a 4lb 14oz baby, and he is now 16 pounds!! Pretty much tripled his weight! This kid loves to eat. He wouldn't sleep more than 2-3 hours throughout the night, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Then finally, a few weeks before his 6 month date, I introduced solid foods; rice cereal and bananas. Not only did he LOVE eating, but he slept 6 hours straight! WOW!!! YAY!
 Now, he isn't perfect, but he does like a regular night time schedule, and if I keep him on that, he usually sleeps pretty well. But he is still a terrible napper! He loves cat naps, and just takes them all day off and on. He won't just go down on a schedule, like Carson did. Carson is my obscenely perfect sleeper however, so I can't really compare him to Ethan. I'm sure he'll get it down someday.

Ethan is my lover of kisses, hugs, cuddles, and being held. He just loves to be loved, and will let you know with a big smile and a sigh. He will also grab your face and pull you close and give you a big slobbery wet one. He loves to suck on daddy's chin. It's so hilarious to watch!! Ethan would be the absolutely most perfect baby if he could just be held all the time, and by anyone really. Anyone that will give him love and attention. He would never fuss. Too bad there is zero chance that is possible! He has an adorable giggle, and is ticklish under his chin and neck. He'll giggle like crazy when daddy nuzzles his face on his neck and chin with his whiskers. I love it!!!

He just recently started doing this whole body wiggle on his back, like he's trying to wiggle across the floor, like a snake. It's hilarious to watch, and I still haven't captured it on video yet, but I'll keep trying! Ethan hates tummy time, with a passion. He gets irritated very quickly, and then screams bloody murder, and then gives up entirely and falls asleep. This is very frustrating, and he still hasn't rolled over at all, and can barely push himself up in front. He also cannot sit by himself, but he is good at holding himself up in the Bumbo and on the swing. Carson was also crazy fast and ahead with reaching physical milestones, so it's hard to compare the two. Carson wasn't a preemie either. But I do worry a bit, and have been really working on building his muscles and trying to teach him how to roll, and I am seeing progress. So I think he'll be just fine!

Ethan is a beautiful, bright eyed baby, and I just love him to pieces! And I love that I can enjoy him without any more depression. What a relief. He was worth every dark second I had last year, and I'd do it all again just to know that I get to keep him forever and ever. He's my little miracle baby, and I just love him so much!!!

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