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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

OK, I really have failed in the blogging world. I fail in the journal world as well. I go through phases for some reason. I guess it's the same with my poetry writing as well. It's either a downpour or drought. But, as an early new years resolution, I am going to write, and keep up on this blog, even if it's the only journal I do.

So, since my last post, Carson has grown up considerably. Before my very eyes, I have watched him transform from a baby to a toddler. He plays pretend! I bought him these baby pumpkins at the grocery store, and he just loves to take them everywhere and make them dance and he even created a slide for them to go down. He is so creative, just like his daddy.He's also learning how to feed himself, and this has caused quite a lot of frustration for the both of us. He wants to do it without any help, but mommy hates the mess, and knows he doesn't get much in his mouth, so it's always a challenge at meal time. I sometimes wonder if he even eats anything. I'm betting this might be because his eye teeth are coming in. Teething is so hard. But, again, I know it's just a phase.

This last week was the death of the 2nd nap. Mom fought for it's life tooth and nail, but reluctantly lost the war. Now we're lucky if we get an hour and a half. I sure hope this is also a phase, but I doubt it. At least he is still my perfect sleeper at night. 12 hours straight every night, unless he's sick. THANK HEAVENS!!

Halloween sure sneaked up on us this year. We celebrated earlier in the month by going to The Off Broadway theater in SLC with the Engebretsen's to see Dracula vs. Jekyll and Hyde, which was quite funny and entertaining. We also got to see some gorgeous fall colors up the canyon on the Alpine loop, which was the very first time Carson sat forward facing in his car seat. He was just in AWE at everything he could see out the front window. He kept pointing and saying "That!" and "Oh!" around every turn. He's happy he's a big boy now.We took him to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving point and it just wasn't his day. He was cranky for most of it, and not cooperative for family pictures, so it mostly didn't work out. Although he loved this corn pit they had for the babies.We've been reading this book that talks all about Halloween and he just loved the pumpkins. He can't get enough of them. And when I bought him his pumpkin for his candy, and he realized you could put stuff in it! Oh he was thrilled! I've been putting snacks and surprises in it for awhile so he would be prepared for trick or treating. And I think it worked. He was thrilled when we went trick or treating last night and he discovered treats in his pumpkin. He got tired of it pretty quick, but it was cute while it lasted :)After eating a yummy cheese soup and wassail, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins at 9 pm on Halloween. Pretty dang last minute, but we did it, while watching Michael Jackson's Thriller. It turned out to be a great Halloween night, and I am now looking forward to the holiday season. I felt like we were a month too early, but I think I'm ready now. I just can't believe how much my little one is changing and growing right before my eyes. Sometimes when I am rocking him to sleep at night, and he is quite and sleepy in my arms, I realize I miss my baby. I just don't want him to grow up anymore. I cherish the hugs and kisses and cuddles, and I just never want him to grow out of sharing them with me. Is that too much to ask?