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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Newest Licensed Massage Therapist in Town!!

I am very pleased to announce that the day I have been waiting for for over a year has finally come!! I am OFFICIALLY a Licensed Massage Therapist, and legal to practice. It has been quite a journey this past year. School was quite tough sometimes, but I am so very grateful I never gave up. I knew it would be hard to give up my weeknights Mon-Thurs 7pm - 10:30 pm every single week for a year, but I didn't realize just how hard it would be until I was doing it. I had to give up precious time with my husband and friends and family on countless occasions, which was the hardest part of school for me. But I knew from the very beginning that it would all be worth it in the end, and I knew that nothing was impossible for me to achieve with the Lord's help, and I am telling you he carried me through some nights and tests, which I am so grateful for. Looking back, I sometimes can't believe a year actually passed. That I actually did it. Where would I be in my life right now if I hadn't decided to take that chance? I honestly don't think I would have felt as accomplished and confident with myself as I do now. I learned all the muscles and bones in the human body, and their functions and locations and how they interact and oppose each other. I learned many diseases so that I can recognize them in my patients. I learned how to look at someone and analyze what their main imbalance and dysfunction is, and how to fix it. I learned how to help people feel good, and help release pain that they have been dealing with for possibly their whole life. I learned how love people, regardless of who they are or their situation, and look past the human body faults, and see the person and love the person inside. My profession is truly amazing. I get to help people FEEL good! How many people get to say they do that for a living? I am just so happy and thankful for my experience at UCMT, and for the friends I have gained that I will cherish for years to come. And I am especially thankful for my husband Scott, and my family, for all the support they showed when I needed it most. I love you all!! Here are some pictures from my graduation. I had quite a turn out for me!

My lovely parents:)

Scott, I love you so much!!

Joanna, you are such a blessing! Thank you for the identity package!!

Amanda and Allen, we can play again!!

My two best friends at school, Sarah and Jenna! I love you two!!

Receiving my High Five Achievement Award (5 massages in 5 1/2 hours every clinic shift!)

Receiving my Diploma!

Very proud of this!