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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overall update on our lives

So, update time. I'm not sure that there is much to update you on, but let me think. Well, I am still in school, but I graduate in 3 1/2 months! Time is flying, and I am grateful, because I really want to start my own private practice. I already have plenty of clients from my clinic internship that love me and want to pay me! I have loved clinic. It is amazing to help people feel better. You wouldn't believe the comments I get from people who really felt better after the massage then they had in years. On one of my client comment forms, the lady simply said "I am 50, but I feel I am 20". Hahaha I loved that one! But really, how cool is it that my job is going to be to help people feel better, and relieve pain and dysfunction? I am learning how to change people's structure, from scholiosis, to bow-legged, to humps on the back, to just plain bad posture. I can help teach the muscles and fascia to stop holding wrong and to restore a healthy, aligned body. It is amazing the work I am learning. Also, I am learning how to work on MS patients, as well as Fibromyalgia patients, and how masage is so beneficial to them, so I can help both my mothers. I love knowledge. I love the freedom and ability it brings. I truly thirst for it, and I doubt I will ever say I am done with school. I believe I will always be learning something, because I wouldn't be truly happy if I wasn't.

Work is fun. I am an Administrative Assistant for a company called Burstabit Media in Lehi. The environment is perfect for me. Its like one big family of 20 employees. To give you an idea of what I am saying, at lunch, me and a few other girls go into the fully stocked kitchen and make fresh salads or wraps with EVERYTHING on it, for everyone in the office. Then we go to the conference room, eat, and have Wii competitions! Last week it was a tennis competiton, and that was a blast. For our company party last weekend, we went to Boondocks, and raced the go carts and slicktracts, and nearly got kicked out of the park for bumping each other, which was mostly lead by my bosses!! SO funny, and such a blast. It really is a great part-time temporary job, and i'll keep it for now:)

Scott and I are doing very well, and are saving money and getting out of debt. It is a wonderful feeling! Hopefully we will buy a house by next year. A small one of course, but it will be ours. We love each other so much, and can't believe it will be 2 years for us in 2 1/2 months!! We are celebrating it by going to see The Phantom in Vegas!! I am so thrilled, and so is Scott.

Sydney, our puppy, is getting so big, and so smart. she is now 14 weeks old, and is so darling. She is our little bundle of joy, and has one the heart of everyone she meets.

Did I mention we were called as Nursery leaders? It has been so much fun. We love playing with the kids, and I think Scott's favorite part is snack time:)

Well that is an overall update on our lives! I will try to update more often!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My New Hair

Here is a few pictures of my blonde highlighted hair with a lot more layers in it. I absolutely love it! Fun for summer!!